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I can’t believe Zangief still has his Double Lariat in Street Fighter 6

The latest characters for Street Fighter 6 were revealed at Sony’s State of Play presentation.

World Warriors Zangief and Cammy, alongside newcomer Lily, will be joining Street Fighter 6‘s base roster when the game launches for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on June 2, 2023.

Zangief and Cammy have retained most of their iconic moves and playstyles. Grappler Zangief is all about command throws and heavy-hitting sluggers and suplexes. Meanwhile, Cammy’s rushdown style looks fully intact, with swift punches and kicks to leave her opponent little room to counterattack.

Newcomer Lily looks a little more interesting, sporting a short stature and a pair of boomerang-like armaments. She’s certainly a more lighthearted character, and has the potential to be a new fan-favorite alongside other new challengers like Marisa and Manon.

For better or worse

Cammy performing her Spiral Arrow special in Street Fighter 6

(Image credit: Capcom)

Street Fighter fans have been highly anticipating the reveal of these three characters in the base roster. Both Zangief and Cammy are among the most popular fighters in the franchise and have found their way into most Street Fighter entries, mainline, and spin-offs both.

I have many (painful) memories of losing to Zangief’s brute force playstyle online, particularly his standout Double Lariat special that’s infamous for stopping newer players in their tracks. However, Street Fighter 6 does feature plenty of interesting new mechanics to help turn the tides mid-round.

Street Fighter 6’s roster is coming along nicely, with plenty of announced fighters ready for the game’s launch. I hope we receive another beta or two before June. I’d love to try out these latest fighters and get a feel for how they play.

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